Automate EOL Testing Without 17 Different Softwares

Automate data logging, evaluating results and reporting to ERP.  Finally reduce test times and scale throughput without more personel. All in a single test software

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Honestly Now, Is This The Way To Scale Testing

Scaling testing is expensive. You have to recruit, hire and learn new testers how to do advanced tests on complex products. In the most business critical area QA. 

Our Test Software SAFE Makes Scaling Testing Easy 

SAFE is a PC test software build for automatic testing. You can use it to test your ventilation system, heat pump, freezer or any other product. Build automated end-of-line tests, performance tests with ease. Just follow the 5 steps below.

This is why Customers Love SAFE Test Automation Software

We help customers automate tests every day so our customers can scale their testing with the software. But don't take our word for it! Take it from our customers that are testing like never before. 

These Companies Have Already Automated Testing, When Will You?

Many manufacturers are already testing much more, gaining more data, getting more value! 

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