SAFE is a test lab software with custom automated workflows to scale your testing capabilities and spend less time on repetitive tasks.


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With SAFE seamlessly build automated data acquisition
to eliminate repetitive tasks.

SAFE Measurement Hardware

Integrate with your Existing Hardware

SAFE integrates with many different types of hardware and protocols for easy integration into existing testing.

Control Your Device Under Test

SAFE provides you with custom scripting to communicate secretly with your product, protecting your IP.

Measure the World with custom Test Flows

Build test flows to your requirements and get as much data as you need, with powerful acquisition and control.

Ensure Valid Data with SMART Monitoring

Monitoring measurements ensures valid datasets even if you are away by repeating failed measurement and capturing outlier events

SAFE measurement sequence
SAFE reporting

Custom Documentation

Design custom document templates for your test results, or create a new document on the fly.

Automatic and Thorough

The complete documentation of a test can be generated on-demand allowing for total reproducibility of any results.

Automate Testing of Any Application

SAFE is the most versatile data acquisition software capable of automating anything.

Integrates with the tools you already use

SAFE integrations
SAFE LabVIEW Sound Level Meters SoundCheck Room EQ Wizard
Smart Monitoring
Automatic Reporting

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SAFE comes with great documentation and tons of guides making getting started a breeze.

Andreas H. Rukjær
Andreas H. Rukjær