Reduce Test time with 90%

Encidas no code automation software makes it easy to build automated tests.

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Faster Testing

Eliminate time-consuming repetitive tasks and convert manual tasks into parallel automated processes.

Reliable Data

Fully trust your data and keep employees, customers and stakeholders informed about your quality.

15 Minutes
To get Started

Skip time consuming programming and automate testing with the simplest learning curve of all.

Get an overview of your testing

All test data can automatically sync with Encida’s cloud where you can monitor your KPI’s such as cycle time, utilization, first time pass rate and much more for all test stands throughout your company 

Evaluate testcases automatically

Define test cases and evaluate them automatically during testing to ensure all aspects of your product is tested and verified whether it is functionality, performance, or reliability.

Automatic data acquisition

Eliminate error-prone manual data entries with automatic data acquisition from a range of different hardware and interfaces that are supported directly by Encida’s software.

Automate Any Test

End-of-line test

Increase test capacity and reduce production time with automatic end-of-line tests

Performance test

Automate performance tests to give better insights into how your product performs

Lifetime test

Run long-running test to ensure a products lifetime is consistent with requirements

Firmware test

Run automatic tests of your new firmware to ensure everything works before release

Scheduled test

Maximize your test capacity by running scheduled tests at specified times e.g. night

Component test

Quickly test a line of new components to compare which component is the optimal

Automate test in 15 minutes.

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Getting started is a breeze

SAFE comes with great documentation and tons of guides making getting started a breeze.

Andreas H. Rukjær
Andreas H. Rukjær