SAFE data logging software

SAFE is an Acoustic Analysis Software

SAFE supports audio interfaces for measuring SPL, frequency response measurement, and other acoustical measurements. SAFE is an acoustics software where you can customize everything from test sequence, and audio test signals, down to data analysis.

Start Making Sound & Noise Measurements Today

Start making measurements today with SAFE by beginning a free acoustical measurement software trial today. Experience how easy it is to make a sound or noise measurement in SAFE, with its intuitive user interface and powerful analysis tools.

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Acoustic Analysis Software For Any Application

SAFE can be used for a variety of applications, from measuring frequency or noise levels to transfer function measurements of a speaker or measuring reverberation times. SAFE can help you determine sound quality, impulse responses of room acoustics, speakers, or the noise of your product.

Our Acousticians Are Always Ready To Support You

Our team of experienced acousticians is always ready to provide support and answer any questions you may have about using SAFE for your noise measurements or room acoustics analysis. Drop us a message at any time and one of us will be happy to get back to you quickly.

Learn More About SAFE as a Sound & Acoustics Software

Interested in learning more about how SAFE can help you with your acoustic analysis needs? For generating audio test signals? SAFE has the features and support to help you succeed. Check out our website for more information and resources on sound & acoustics measurements with SAFE. Keep exploring and discover how easy it is to make sound measurements with SAFE.

SAFE works with most sound cards and support ASIO and Windows native drivers. SAFE also works with NI sound modules.

Yes Encida team consists of acousticians that know a lot about sound and noise measurements, and can help you setup and make correct measurements.

Room EQ Wizard is a great software for simple sound measurements, and we really like it. When it comes to more advanced measurements or noise measurements however we believe that SAFE is better.

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