SAFE for Loudspeakers

Loudspeaker testing is vital to great sound and objective testing helps you find the best sound. SAFE loudspeaker testings covers analysis of impulse responses, frequency responses, distortion and much more.

SAFE offers a wide range of loudspeaker tools to make performance testing of loudspeakers automatic during development and quality control in production, collecting all data into one platform. You can test any kind of loudspeaker ranging from traditional analog loudspeakers to wireless smart speakers using the test hardware of your choice. Some of the advantages of the SAFE platform is:

Tons of Templates

SAFE has loudspeaker templates with use-cases for laboratory facilities and normal rooms.

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Loudspeaker Toolbox

The loudspeaker toolbox gives you instant access to powerful analysis tools with drag & drop.

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Automatic HALT Testing

Scale your testing with Highly Accelerated Lifetime tests with SAFE's automatic monitoring.

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Loudspeaker Toolbox

The loudspeaker toolbox contains all the relevant analysis tools you need to optimize your loudspeakers performance. The tools are included in many of the loudspeaker specific templates to make it easy for you to get started with using the toolbox. With all data gathered in a single platform SAFE makes it easy to compare prototypes of different drivers, enclosures etc. This is one of the things that makes analysing loudspeaker performance in SAFE standout from the competition as it is not all about different analysis methods but how you can get the most out of all your gathered data.

  • Time Response
  • Frequency Response
  • Phase Response
  • Distortion, harmonics and THD
  • Directivity
  • Max SPL

Use Any Hardware

SAFE works with almost any hardware e.g. USB soundcards, National Instrument hardware, Listen SoundConnect, MiniDSP UMIC and much more. This makes it easy for you to integrate SAFE with your existing hardware or gives you the freedom to choose the best or cheapest available hardware for your use-case. We will of course help you choose the best solution if you have any doubt. 

Automatic HALT Testing

Take your testing to the next level with automatic highly accelerated lifetime test in order to test the reliability of your loudspeaker. Ensure that your loudspeaker keeps its high quality performance even after multiple hours or days of playing. Analyse on the same parameters as you would during development and make sure the loudspeaker is constantly within your requirements. 

What makes automatic HALT testing possible is constant powerfull monitoring that logs each time your loudspeaker does not live up to expectation. Letting you do other important things while SAFE keeps track of the test for you. Automatic HALT testing templates are available in SAFE for you to get started quickly and easily.

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Data, all in one program

The different options you have in processing means you can get a lot of different views of the data, all in one program

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Troels Mikkelsen
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