SAFE for Room Acoustics

Room acoustic testing is an important job for the acoustic consultant and is part of a lot of different acoustic test methods. SAFE helps scale your test capabilities to test room acoustic faster and easier.

SAFE offers easy access to testing room acoustics completely automatic. Either with or without sound level meters. We know how difficult conforming with standards can be and we have the solution. SAFE has tons of room acoustic templates that conform with relevant room acoustic standards to make your job easier. Use these room acoustic standard templates to quickly gather data from several microphones at once using any equipment you want. Some of the advantages of the SAFE platform is:

Tons of Templates

SAFE has multiple room acoustic templates with different use-cases for consultancy work

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Conform with ISO Standards

Ensure your room acoustics conforms with the latest standard using SAFE templates

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Automatic Monitoring

Ensure you do not miss any moments by using automatic monitoring to catch them for you

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Room Acoustics Toolbox

The room acoustic toolbox contains all the relevant analysis tools you need to analyse the acoustics of your room. The tools are included in many of the room acoustic specific templates to make it easy for you to get started with using the toolbox. The data can easily be reported using SAFEs automatic reporting or export the results to Excel and many other formats.

  • Reverberation Time (T60, T30, T20)
  • Octave Spectrum Analysis
  • Clarity Parameters (C50, C80, D50)
  • Early Decay Time (EDT)
  • Strength (G)
  • Sound Level (LAeq, LCeq)

Use Any Hardware

SAFE works with almost any hardware e.g. sound level meters, USB soundcards, National Instrument hardware and much more. Hardware for room acoustic testing depends on what the use-case is. Sound level meters are very handy but also expensive and has a small amount of channels, while USB soundcards can have several microphones and are less expensive. SAFE can inteface to most equipment so you can either use your existing equipment or use the equipment that fits best for the job. If you have doubts about what to buy let us know and we will help you to choose the best equipmet for your use-case.

Conform With Room Acoustic ISO Standards

SAFE is tightly integrated with relevant room acoustic ISO standards to quickly let you conform with standards and get valid results. All tools in the room acoustic toolbox conforms with relevant standards and many of the room acoustic templates are build from relevant standards. Look for the standardisation tag when choosing your template. What it means when templates conform with standards is that the template will help you not only with data analysis but also ensure that you have knowledge of equipment placement procedures and reporting, saving you weeks of work. Some of the standards SAFE uses are listed below.

If the standard your are using or want to use is not mentioned get in touch and let us integrate it for you so you can use it straight away. We are experts in standards and can quickly develop a solution for you.

EN ISO 3382-1

Measurement of room acoustic parameters - Part 1: Performance spaces

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EN ISO 3382-2

Measurement of room acoustic parameters - Part 1: Reverberation time in ordinary rooms

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EN ISO 3382-3

Measurement of room acoustic parameters - Part 1: Open plan offices

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Automatic Monitoring

Scale your testing capabilities with SAFEs automatic monitoring features to catch every moment and get relevant data straight away. Automatic monitoring is setup triggers that trigger on specific event such as loud noises and can begin recordings, send notifications to you. This means that you can measure for several hours and still get information about what happened even if you were away. Automatic monitoring like this is features you can only find in much more expensive software and sound level meters but now it available to everyone.

Setting up automatic monitoring is as easy as everything else in SAFE. Choose what measurement you want to monitor and what action should be taken and that is it. 

You can also start measurements without you being present, by setting up specific times that your measurement should start. This makes remote measurement much easier. As an example you don’t have to be present at the measurement site at night time, just set a timer and go home.

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Templates makes it easy

Having templates that conforms with room acoustic standards makes testing so much easier.

Andreas H. Rukjær
Andreas H. Rukjær