SAFE for Ventilation

Ventilation testing makes measuring ventilation systems easy and fast. SAFE ventilation testing covers sound power, temperature, flow, pressure and plant control and much more.

SAFE is build to test HVAC and ventilation systems to make it easy for you to test ventilation plants completely automatic. The automatic test makes data gathering easy and enables you to analyse data even better than expensive custom solutions. SAFE works as the brain in your test setup controlling both the ventilation system and test hardware, which gives you immediate results on sound, temperature, flow and much more.  Some of the advantages of the SAFE platform is:

Measure Everything in SAFE

SAFE collects data from all the sensors you need to measure your ventilation plants

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Conform with ISO Standards

Ensure your ventilation system conforms with the latest standard using SAFE templates

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Automatic Control

Use Modbus and other protocols to control your plant and make testing completely automatic

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Ventilation Toolbox

The Ventilation toolbox contains all the relevant analysis tools you need to analyse your ventilation plants performance and quality. The tools are included in many of the ventilation specific templates to make it easy for you to get started with using the toolbox. Using the tools you can quickly create relevant graphs such as sound power pr flow which can be used in your datasheet or other places. 

  • Sound Power
  • Temperature Level
  • Pressure Level
  • Flow
  • Loudness
  • Noise Level

Use Any Hardware

SAFE works with almost any hardware e.g. USB soundcards, National Instrument hardware, Agilent hardware and much more. The hardware for ventilation system testing is especially important as many different sensors are used. SAFE makes it easy to integrate your existing equipment or use a brand new state-of-the-art test frontend for ventilation system testing. If you have doubts about what to buy let us know and we will help you to choose the best equipmet for your use-case.

Conform With Ventilation ISO Standards

SAFE is tightly integrated with relevant ventilation system ISO standards to quickly let you conform with standards and get valid results. All tools in the ventilation toolbox conforms with relevant standards and many of the ventilation templates are build from relevant standards. Look for the standardisation tag when choosing your template. What it means when templates conform with standards, is, that the template will help you not only with data analysis but also ensure that you have knowledge of equipment placement procedures and reporting, saving you weeks of work. Some of the standards SAFE uses are listed below.

If the standard your are using or want to use is not mentioned get in touch and let us integrate it for you so you can use it straight away. We are experts in standards and can quickly develop a solution for you.

EN ISO 13141-7

Ventilation for buildings - Performance testing of component/products for residential ventilation

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EN ISO 3741

Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound pressure - Precision methods for reverberation rooms

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EN ISO 5136

Determination of sound power radiated into a duct by fans and other air-moving devices- in duct methods

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Automatic Control

Control your ventilation system directly in SAFE using ModBus or any other protocol. SAFE integrates directly with Python so you can run your own custom scripts in any measurement sequence. Adjust voltage, angles and everything else to get all the data you need. SAFE will automatically log the parameters and wait for the ventilation system to adjust to the information.  

Automatic control is possible using constant powerfull monitoring that logs each time your ventilation system does not live up to expectation. Letting you do other important things while SAFE keeps track of the test for you. It is not difficult to get started with! SAFE has templates for you to quickly and easily get started.  

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A completely automatic system

SAFE is the only platform that can automate the entire ventilation system test from controlling the system to gathering data.

Kasper Kiis Jensen
Kasper Kiis Jensen