PR 4114 Universal Transmitter Review

PR 4114 Universal Transmitter Review

The PR 4114 Universal Transmitter is an advanced and versatile signal conditioner capable of converting any type of signal into a standard voltage or current output. This enables you to convert any type of input signal, such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, or level, into a standardized output signal that can be easily monitored and controlled. It is a highly reliable and accurate device designed for use in testing, research and development, and various other industrial applications.

We bought multiple PR 4114 to use in a versatile data logger so we could measure signals from any sensor. Therefore I wanted to give my review and experience working with the PR 4114 universal transmitter.

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Why We Bought The PR 4114 Signal Conditioner

There are many reasons why we chose the PR 4114 Universal Transmitter for our data logging needs. The first and most important reason is its versatility.

With this device, we can easily convert any type of input signal into a standardized output signal without having to purchase multiple specialized transmitters for different types of signals. This saves us time and money, as well as streamlines our testing and monitoring processes.

We can however also add the PR 4511 Modbus communication device to quickly turn the PR 4114 into a perfect data logger. This makes it ideal for both as a standalone datalogger but also able to plug & play into a bigger multichannel DAQ system.

Another reason for choosing the PR 4114 is its reliability and accuracy. In our line of work, precise measurements are crucial, and this device delivers consistently accurate results.

So for our R&D purposes, this universal transmitter just fits in multiple setups as time goes on.

Advantages of the PR 4114 Universal Transmitter

  • Versatility: Converts any type of input signal into a standardized output, eliminating the need for multiple specialized devices.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Saves money and streamlines the testing process by reducing the need for additional equipment.
  • Reliability: Provides consistent and accurate measurements crucial for research and development.
  • Modularity: Easily integrates with the PR 4511 Modbus communication device for enhanced data logging capabilities.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and operation make it accessible for both novice and experienced users.

Disadvantages of the PR 4114 Universal Transmitter

  • Price: While the PR 4114 offers a lot of features and versatility, the acquisition price is high.

First-Time Setup and User Experience

The first time we set up the PR 4114 Universal Transmitter, we were impressed by how easy it was to get started. You pretty must just need the block diagram as shown below (from the manual), a power supply for the supply voltage, and 10 minutes with the menu in the detachable display front (PR4510, PR4511, PR4512) to know how to convert a sensor value into standardized analog signals.

The first two things we tried to set up were a simple voltage signal and a temperature input (TC sensor). The voltage signal was just a matter of connecting the wires and setting the scaling factor in the configuration device and which kind of standard analog output I wanted.

For the electronic temperature measurement, we used a thermocouple, and again it was pretty straightforward. Choose the type of thermocouple and then you have some different operational parameters you can adjust. Then you choose the output and it works.

Overall, our first-time setup experience with the PR 4114 was smooth. The only thing I needed to call PR about was the power supply wiring as it was a little confusing. The manual and diagram on the device were not the same, but with a quick call to customer service, it was fixed.

PR 4114 With Encida Test Software

As mentioned before we wanted to use the PR 4114 as a datalogger combined with the PR 4511 which enables Modbus communication to our test software platform.

Using our test software, we were able to configure and monitor the PR 4114 Universal Transmitter. The Modbus communication allowed us to log data in real time and configure the device remotely. This made the entire testing process more efficient and streamlined.

One of the challenges with having a versatile data logger is that I can't remember all the settings needed for the different sensors we have available. So even though it is easy to set up the PR 4114 I can't remember the settings.

So I have built a test within our software that can load sensor setups from an Excel file and automatically configure the devices. I just choose a setup and press play and our software takes care of the rest.

If you want to learn more about this schedule a chat with me below and I will gladly show you how it works.

The PR4114 Features We Haven't Mentioned

The PR electronics universal transmitters have tons of features that we haven't mentioned yet. These include:

  • Sensor error indication: Alerts you if there are any problems with the input sensor.
  • Short circuit detection: Detects any shorts in the output signal and displays an error code for quick troubleshooting.
  • Password protection: Allows for secure access to configuration settings and prevents unauthorized changes.
  • LR cold junction compensation (CJC): Automatically adjusts for changes in ambient temperatures, providing more accurate measurements.

Final Thoughts

Overall, our experience with the PR 4114 Universal Transmitter has been highly positive. Its versatility, reliability, and ease of use make it a valuable tool in our data-logging projects. The only downside is its price, but we believe that the benefits outweigh the cost in the long run as we can use the universal transmitters for normal operation, in multiple different test scenarios and projects.

If you need a reliable and versatile signal conditioner for your data logging needs, we highly recommend considering the PR 4114 Universal Transmitter. With its added features and compatibility with the PR 4511 Modbus communication device, it offers a comprehensive solution for any testing and monitoring requirement.

Interested in learning more about automating data logging with the PR4114? Schedule a chat with us today and let us show you how it can benefit your projects!