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SAFE is a Modern Tool Built for Data Logging

SAFE is your new data logger software. Set up custom data logging and data control to build the best monitoring and test solution possible. SAFE offers a user-friendly interface to configure data logging, visualize real-time data, and many other features.

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Start Data Logging for Free

Build and start data logging today with our user friendly, co-code software that anyone can master. You will love the advanced features like access to automation, report generation and integration with most data loggers. Click below to download now.

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Data Logger Software For Any Application

It does not matter if you want to log temperature data with Modbus TCP or monitor temperature, pressure, and other sensors with USB NI compact DAQ modules. SAFE software is easy to set up but has a range of features for building a highly customized and advanced data logger.

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Our Engineers Are Always Ready to Support You

Our team of experienced engineers is always available to provide support and help you with any issues you may encounter. Drop us a message at any time and one of us will be happy to get back to you quickly

Learn More About Data Logging With SAFE

Whether you are building your first data logger to make small measurements or designing a comprehensive monitoring control system, SAFE has the features and support to help you succeed. Check out our website for more information and resources on data logging with SAFE. Keep exploring and discover how easy data logging can be with our software.

SAFE is a no-code, user-friendly data logging software that allows you to monitor and log data from sensors, data loggers, and other devices. It enables real-time data visualization, automatic report generation, and synchronization with a database.

SAFE is versatile and can be used with various types of data loggers. It supports Modbus TCP IP, Modbus RTU, SCPI devices, NI devices and more.

Our team of experienced engineers are always available to provide support and assist you with any issues you may encounter. Drop us a message at any time, and we will be happy to help.

You can read all about SAFE in our Docs which has all the information about what SAFE can do.

You can start data logging for free with SAFE using our 14-day trial period. Afterwards you can choose one of our subscription located on our pricing page.

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