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Output Channel


The audio interface output channel is used on each audio interface outputs and ensures a calibrated audio interface that converts fullscale (FS) to voltage. Every output on the audio interface will be shown as this type of outputs this is true for analog outputs and digital outputs.


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Sensitivity1 V/FS
Calibration date
Calibration note


OUTx is the name of the input and for input 1 the name will be IN1, input two will be IN2 and so forth.


Show is a checkbox to show and hide the input


Sensitivity is the input sensitivity of the channel. It is default 1 V/FS, and it is the number of how many FS are required for 1 V

Calibration date#

Calibration date is last date where the sensitivity has been changed

Calibration note#

Calibration note is if you have added a comment to the calibration e.g. gain level for the calibration.