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In SAFE you can import and export data as comma separated files which can be used with Excel. The imported data can e.g. be imported in processing to further process the data or compare it with other data.


Click below to learn more about the possibilities in SAFE:

Learn more about export datasets as csv files in SAFE
Learn more about importing data from csv files in SAFE

Exporting data to csv files in Excel#

In Excel you can export data in different ways. SAFE support multichannel data as comma separated files if you format the data correctly. The data must include fs (sample rate), x and y labels, x and y data including channel names and units.


Download Excel example file here

To save a file as .csv :

  1. Open File menu
  2. Click Save as
  3. Save with the format: *.csv

Importing data from csv files in Excel#

In Excel you can open .csv. Exported .csv files from SAFE are separated by , which Excel needs to know in order for data to placed correctly in Excels cells.


Video guide for how to import a .csv file into Excel

To import a .csv file into Excel:

  1. Press Data in the ribbon
  2. Press From Text/CSV
  3. Choose the file you want to open