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Useful Energy Q


The heat pump toolbox Useful Energy Q calculates the useful energy Q created in a heat pump based on water flow, hot water outlet, and cold water inlet. The block can output either a total single number or per sample basis. It works well with a summation block afterwards to sum multiple outputs.

1xNMxNMxNMxNQFlow [l/m]Hot water outlet [C]Cold water inlet [C]


Each input must be of the same size MxN. The time unit of all inputs should be s in seconds. M should also be minimum 2.

Flow [l/m] is the water flow in liters per minute.

Hot water outlet [C] is the hot water outlet temperature in degrees celsius

Cold water inlet [C] is the cold water inlet temperature in degrees celsius


The output is the calculated useful energy Q created by the heat pump of each n column.


Output ModeSingle Number


Name specifies the name of the block.

Output Mode#

Output mode is the type of output the block should send out. It can be Single Number where the entire dataset is converted and outputted as a single number per column. Per Sample is the other type where the conversion is outputted per sample.


Inputs specifies the number of inputs the block has. This cannot be changed.