The story of Encida

Encida was founded in 2018 by engineers Kasper Kiis Jensen and Andreas Harbo Rukjaer after graduating from Aalborg University in Acoustics and Audio Technology.

The idea of Encida started a year earlier in the laboratory with a simple thought: “How can we make our own testing faster and easier, so we can focus on what really matters, the data?” That thought became a part time project, which grew into a full-time project and then a mission to make test automation accessible not only to developers but everyone.

Today Encida test software brings automation to the next level in R&D and production facilities, helping companies bring better products to market and ensuring the quality always lives up to requirements.

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Our Platform

Encida’s automation platform makes test automation more accessible, quicker, and easier for nondevelopers to build test sequences in R&D and production environments. Ultimately leading to faster and more reliable tests and immediate return of investment. This means that teams can convert manual tests into automated tests that can scale with development or quality control requirements and continue to scale their own company.

Whether you are a big manufacturer of ventilation or cooling, taking on automation while still complying to strict compliance procedures or an audio product developer that wants to upgrade their audio or electrical measurements without writing tons of code, you can do it with Encida’s platform.


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Kasper Kiis Jensen
CEO & Founder

+45 21 44 44 75


An experienced test developer and test designer across electronics and audio from his work at Intel and Aalborg University before co-founding Encida in 2018. Since then, he has led Encida from an idea to a startup with some of the biggest customers within Danish Industry and a leader within test automation.

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Andreas Harbo Rukjær
CTO & Founder

+45 42 30 74 18


An expert in hardware and software with 10 years of experience in various industries and his own consultancy company before developing Encida’s first test software prototype. Today, Andreas leads the development of Encida’s technologies and ensures that customers succeed in automating their tests.


Christian Fæster
Full Stack Developer

Christian is the full stack developer at Encida, helping with problems from frontend to backend. Christianhas a grasp of tons of stacks, works full time for UV Data, and has a degree in Medialogy from Aalborg University.

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Andreas H. Rukjær
Andreas H. Rukjær